iOS App

I have been developing an iOS application for learning Czech, which works as a sophisticated phrasebook with audio, translation and declinations together with grammar sorted by its difficulty and vocabulary for different topics. More categories will follow with every update.

The application does not collect any user data.

Individual Lessons

I am offering individual lessons on video calling software. I am a Czech native speaker with a good command of English and German.

Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and I will supply you with flashcards for all vocabulary and grammar that we learn. This way we can arrange a new lesson only after you feel comfortable with what we did before. This should be the core of your learning, but it is neccessary that you find ways of using the language (passively or actively) on an every day basis.


20 EUR / one lesson

For the payment you can use a credit card, a Paypal account or a bank transfer.


Some of my lessons are available on Youtube.